Choose a sub category:
1- Slide 2- Barrel
3- Recoil Spring Assembly 4- Firing Pin
5- Spacer Sleeve 6- Firing Pin Spring
7- Spring Cups 8- Firing Pin Safety
9- Firing Pin Safety Spring 10- Extractor
11- Extractor Depressor Plunger 12- Extractor Depressor Plunger Spring
13- Spring-loaded Bearing 14- Slide Cover Plate
15- Sight 16- Frame
17- Magazine Catch Spring 18- Magazine Catch
19- Slide Lock Spring 20- Slide Lock
21- Locking Block 22- Trigger Mechanism Housing
23- Connector 24- Trigger Spring
25- Trigger with Trigger Bar 26- Slide Stop Lever
27- Trigger Pin 28- Trigger Housing Pin
29- Follower 30- Magazine Spring
31- Magazine Floor Plate 32- Magazine Tube
33- Locking Block Pin Extras
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